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Timothy – WSM – Featured Posts

This widget is used to configure the post list with images that you see in sidebars in the demo.

This is done via Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag the WSM – Featured Posts Widget over to your desired sidebar
  • Input your desired header into Title
  • Select your desired category from Category or leave to the default of All Categories
  • Check Show Featured Image
  • Select solioquy-thumb (115×115) in the drop down next to Image Size
  • Select Left in the drop down next to Image Alignment
  • Check Show Post Title
  • Check Show Post Info
  • Select No Content from the Content Type drop down
  • Save

Our Show Post Info is:

Posted on [ post_date ] by [ post_author_posts_link ]

Note: We have an extra space inside each bracket shown above. Please remove when is use.

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