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Richard – Configuring the Primary and Secondary Menus

The Richard theme comes with two navigation menu theme locations built in. The Primary Navigation Menu displays the main Home, About, Attorneys, etc. links. The Secondary Navigation menu displays above the header where the Blog, Events, and Contact links are.

The Secondary Menu in our theme demo uses  Google Material Icons before each of the links. For a full explanation on how those icons work with our theme please see the Web Savvy – CTA widget theme instruction. You may simply insert the desired icon HTML markup before the text of the Navigation Label for each link.

We used the edit, today, and location_on icons. Here is what we have in the Navigation Label field for each of those three links as an example. You may alter the icons or links as desired.

<i class="material-icons">edit</i>Blog
<i class="material-icons">today</i>Events
<i class="material-icons">location_on</i>Contact

You may use the alternate icon code provided by Google if you have SEO concerns about the text of the links in your navigation menu.

Please see the separate Configuring Phone Number & Search in Navigation Menus theme instruction as well.

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