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Jessica – Store Sidebar

The store sidebar will display on the main store page, store categories, store tags, and individual store product pages.

Go to Appearance –> Widgets

  • Drag any desired widgets over to Store Sidebar on the right
  • Save

Each demo will utilize different options for this side. They are listed below.


  • WooCommerce Product Categories (show hierarchy is checked)
  • WooCommerce Price Filter
  • WooCommerce Layered Nav Filters
  • Tag Cloud (Product Tags is selected as Taxonomy)
  • WooCommerce Product Search

iThemes Exchange

  • iThemes Echange Super Widget
  • Tag Cloud (Product Tags is selected as Taxonomy)

WP e-Commerce

  • WPEC Shopping Cart
  • WPEC Product Categories
  • WPEC Price Range
  • WPEC Product Tags
  • WPEC Latest Products
    • Number of products to show: 5
    • Check Show Thumbnails
    • Width 45 Height 45
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