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Derrick – Web Savvy – CTA Widget

The Web Savvy – CTA Widget is used in our demo to create the call to actions with icons. These are used on the home page and the sidebars. They are optional.

Please note we provide multiple icons for usage. You can pick which icons works best for you or you can upload your own icon. To view available icons, please see the examples provided here:

Go to Appearance -> Widgets:

  • Drag the Web Savvy – CTA Widget over to your desired sidebar
  • Input the desired display text into the Custom Text field 
  • Select your desires icon from the Select Icon drop down
  • Input your desired destination URL into the Link field
  • Save

To use a custom icon:

  • You will need to first upload your desired image to the media library so you can use the location URL in this widget.
  • Input the new icon’s URL (from the media library) into the Custom Icon URL field.
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