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Patricia – Join Our Mailing List in Sidebar

Our subscribe box is using a plugin called Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is a premium plugin and the developer of this plugin does not allow us to provide a developer license. If you would like to use this form plugin, you will have to purchase a license. 

If you would prefer to go another route, there are many contact form plugins available for WordPress. 

If you do opt to use Gravity Forms for the subscribe feature:

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag Form widget over to Page Sidebar
  • Select desired form from Gravity Forms list
  • Insert a title for the widget
  • Save

If you would like to have your form look like the demo sidebar form here are the steps. (Note: these steps are optional. Your form will work just fine if you elect not to do them.)

  • First edit each of your fields by clicking on the small triangle on the right corner of the field to expand its settings in a similar manner to WordPress widgets.
  • Next click on the Appearance tab.
  • Enter your desired Placeholder Text for that field
  • Set the Field Label Visibility to Hidden
  • Repeat for each form field

Remember to click your teal “Update Form” button to save your changes.

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