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James – Footer Widgets

The James theme comes equipped with four footer widget areas. We’ve styled the first widget area to go the full width of the footer with the other three widget areas three across below the first widget area. You may pick and choose what content you’d like displayed here. You do not need to follow what we have done in the demo.

To configure your footer widgets, from your WordPress admin screen go to Appearance –> Widgets. Here are the widgets we have in our theme demo.

Footer 1

  • Web Savvy – Social Widget

Footer 2

  • Custom Menu

Footer 3

  • Custom Menu

Footer 4

  • Text Widget

Please note: Footer widget areas 2, 3, and 4 will not display if the Footer 1 widget area is left blank. If you do not wish to show anything in the Footer 1 full width widget area then simply place an empty Text widget in that widget area so that your other three widget areas will display.

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