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Timothy – WSM – CTA Widgets

This widget is used to configure the three boxes you see at the top of our Page and Listings sidebar in the demo.

This is done via Appearance -> Widgets

To create the buttons:

  • Drag the Web Savvy – CTA Widget over to your desired sidebar
  • In put your desired text into each Custom Text box
  • Select your desired icons from the drop down list
  • Input your destination page URL into CTA Link 1 or 2

Our demo is using bolds and breaks for the custom text as follows:

<b>DOWNLOAD</b><br />
Seller's<br />Guide

To create the subscribe box under the buttons:

Set up a Gravity Forms with an email field in use

In the CTA 3 Custom Text box input the following code and replace our form ID code with your own:

[ gravityform id="1" name="Keep in Touch" title="false" tabindex="20" ]


Note: the above shortcode for Gravity Forms has an extra space inside each bracket. Please remove that for usage.

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