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James – Using a Custom Logo Image

Here are the steps to use your custom logo image with the theme.

First set the logo to show by performing the following:

  1. From your WordPress dashboard go to Genesis –> Theme Settings
  2. Under “Header Settings” choose “Image Logo” from the drop down.
  3. Click the “Save Settings” button to save your settings.

Next you need to upload your logo images to your theme file. Your logo image must be a .png image file.

The theme demo logo.png file is sized to:

  • Width = 240 pixels
  • Height = 108 pixels

Use an FTP program to upload your /logo.png file to the theme folder at your web host. The exact location can vary some depending on server configuration but is usually found at /wp-content/themes/james/images/logo.png

Please note: You may use a larger logo image file. However, larger files sizes may require some customization of your /james/style.cssstyle sheet to display properly.

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