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Deborah – Web Savvy – Button Widget

The Web Savvy – Button Widget is used in our demo to create the dontate button. You can use this feature for virtually any text and link.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets:

  • Drag the Web Savvy – Button Widget over to your desired sidebar
  • Input the desired display text into the Title field
  • Input your desired destination URL into the Link field
  • Insert the desired icon (image) URL into the Icon: 32×32 PX field
  • Save


  • You will need to first upload your desired image to the media library so you can use the location URL in this widget.
  • Our demo uses images that is located at /wp-content/themes/deborah/images/dollar-icon.png and /wp-content/themes/deborah/images/fb-like.png.
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