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Derrick – Home – Rotator (aka Image Slider)

Note: This uses a premium plugin called Soliloquy. A license for this is already included in your theme at purchase. You do not need to purchase a license unless you want direct support from the plugin developer. Thomas, the developer, is really good with support so we encourage buyers who have advanced needs to consider purchasing a their own license so they can receive direct support. If you do not have advanced needs which would require support, you are good to go with our included license.

Create any number of images and size them to 1116px x 372px.

Go to Soliloquy  –> Add New

Give your slide set a name of Home Page.

Under Congif

Slider Theme = Classic

Slider Dimensions

  • Default
  • Slide width = 1116
  • Slide height = 372

Slider Transition = Fade

Slider Transition Duration = 7000 (if you want to match demo)

Slider Transition Speed =  600 (if you want to match demo)

Slider Position = Center

Slider Gutter = 0

Autostart Slider = Checked

Show Slider Control Nav = Checked

Loop Slider = Checked

Enable Keyboard Navigation = Checked

Uss CSS Transitions = Checked

Use Adaptive Height = Checked

Crop Images in Slider = Checked

Slider Delay = 0

Start on Slide = 0

Under Misc

Slider Title = Home Page

Slider Slug = home-page

Under Images 

Click Select Images

Import files from your computer as you would normally do in WordPress

Our sliders are using text and this is set per slide.

An example of the text is:

<h2>Take Control of Your Financial Future</h2><br /> <p>Sign up for unlimited usage of our financial courses, video lessons, and exams.</p> <div class="more-link"><a href="">Learn More</a></div>

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag Soliloquy over to Bottom Sponsors
  • Input desired Title text
  • Select your desired slider from the Slider drop down
  • Save

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