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Deborah – Web Savvy – CTA Widget

The Web Savvy – CTA Widget is used in our demo to create the SCHOOL SWAG box in the interior sidebar and the three colored boxes in the home page. You can use this feature for virtually any text and link.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets:

  • Drag the Web Savvy – CTA over to your desired sidebar
  • Input the desired display text into the Title field
  • Input your desired link text into the More Text field 
  • Input your desired destination URL into the Link field
  • If you’d like to override our default colors, input an HTML color code into the Update Color field
  • Save


  • You will need to first upload your desired image to the media library so you can use the location URL in this widget.
  • Our demo uses images that is located at /wp-content/themes/deborah/images/dollar-icon.png and /wp-content/themes/deborah/images/fb-like.png.
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