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James – Recommended Plugins

The following is a list of recommended plugins for use with the James theme.

The only plugin required for the theme to function correctly is the James Testimonials plugins. You will be prompted at theme activation to install this plugin along with Soliloquy. Please do so.

We have a license agreement with the developers of Soliloquy to include a license key to give you full access to that premium plugin and all the add-ons as part of your theme purchase. You do not need to use the Lite version of the plugin. The only reason you might need to purchase your own individual license for Soliloquy is if you have advanced needs and require direct support from the Soliloquy plugin developers. In most case,s the license provided with our theme will be sufficient.

Gravity Forms is an optional premium plugin. We have long used Gravity Forms on all of our development projects as well as with our own in-house and personal sites so we can recommend it wholeheartedly. That said, Gravity Forms is optional and not required for Kristie to function. You are welcome to use whichever form plugin/solution you prefer on your site, or none at all. Just be aware that we provide specific styling for Gravity Forms, so if you elect to go with another form plugin then you may need to customize your theme style sheet to get it looking the way you want.

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