Kathryn - Upgrading to HTML5 2.0+ From Previous Versions

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Kathryn – Upgrading to HTML5 2.0+ From Previous Versions

Kathryn is now fully HTML5 compatible. You can manually upgrade your theme by downloading the new version from your My Account page and manually uploading your files to your server via FTP to replace your existing theme on your server.

Important: If you have customized your version of Kathryn copying the new files over the top of your existing theme files will delete your customizations. Please backup your existing theme from your server first!!

This new theme adds several improvements to Kathryn.

Gravity Forms – Settings Changes Required

First we have improved the way the theme does placeholders for Gravity Forms. You will want to adjust some settings as a result. (If you are not using Gravity Forms on your site you may skip this part.)

  • Go to Gravity Forms –> Settings
  • Set “Output HTML5” to “Yes”
  • Save that settings change
  • Go to your Genesis –> Kathryn Settings page
  • Scroll down to the Gravity Forms Auto Placeholder metabox
  • Check the checkbox there.
  • Next go to your Forms list
  • Edit your forms which you had configured with auto placeholders previously.
  • In each field remove the default values you added to them
  • Change the CSS value for each form field from clearit to gforms-placeholder
  • Save your form settings

This will enable the new form placeholders. The placeholders will put the form field label inside the field like you see on the Kathryn Demo such as the home page Join Our Mailing List form in the lower right.

Update Notifications

We have added a new Update Notification system with version 2.0.0. When we publish a new version of Kathryn you will automatically receive a notification in your WordPress dashboard that the new version is available in your My Account page.

However, if you have customized your theme you may not wish to update to a new version. In that case you can disable the notification so that it does not annoy you. Simply go to Genesis –> Kathryn Settings and scroll down to the Update Notifications metabox and check the Ignore Theme Updates? box.

Then you will not see the notifications in your dashboard when the theme is updated.

Also note, there is a second checkbox right below that. Please consider leaving that box checked. Doing so will send us some anonymous data about your WordPress install that will help us make Kathryn a better theme for you and the rest of our theme customers.

If you have any issues upgrading or after the upgrade, please post your questions in the Kathryn Forum and we will address them as quickly as possible.

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