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Timothy – Footer – Logos

The footer content is defined as widgets. In our demo we display two images. This is optional and you can really input anything in this area. Should you like to mimic the demo, simply do the following steps.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag the Text widget over to any of Footer 4
  • Add the below code and replace our image URLs with your own
  • Save
<img class="centered size-full wp-image-1387" alt="Fair Housing Logo" src="https://demo.9seeds.com/timothy/files/2013/11/fair-housing-logo.png" width="100" height="106" />
<img src="https://demo.9seeds.com/timothy/files/2013/11/MLS-Realtor-logo1.png" alt="MLS Realtor Logo" width="231" height="114" class="centered size-full wp-image-1390" />
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