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Derrick – Header Right – Phone and Menu

The right side of our header uses a text widget and a WordPress menu widget.

To define the menu:

Our footer menu is using the standard WordPress menu system.

First start by defining your menu. You will do his at Appearance -> Menus

  • Select create a new menu
  • Add text to the Menu Name to define your menu label
  • Drag any items on the left hand column (i.e. pages or posts and such) to the menu on the right
  • For the last menu item add the class last under CSS Classes (this will adjust the styling)
  • Save Menu

Place your menu by going to Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag the Custom Menu widget over to Header Right
  • Select your menu from the drop down list
  • Save

To add a phone number:

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

  • Drag a Text widget over to Header Right
  • Input your phone number
  • Set the phone as an H3 subheader
  • Save

Note sure what an H3 subheader is? Just input the following and update your phone number to replace our number:

<h3>(602) 555-9500</h3>
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