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Fernando – Assigning Your Logos

Two Color Text Logo

  • Go to Genesis-> Theme Settings
  • Locate the header section
  • Select Dynamic text for Use for site title/logo
  • Save
  • Go to Genesis -> Fernando Settings
  • Input your desired text into the two boxes labeled Fernando Site Title (left black and right aqua)
  • Save

For an Image Logo

  • First set the logo to show by performing the following:
    • From your WordPress dashboard go to Genesis –> Theme Settings
    • Under “Header Settings” choose “Image Logo” from the drop down.
    • Click the “Save Settings” button to save your settings.
  • Next you need to upload your logo images to your theme file. Your logo image must be a .png image file.
  • The theme demo logo.png file is sized to:
    • Width = 440 pixels
    • Height = 80 pixels
  • There is also a smaller logo-mobile.png file which is used to fit on smaller mobile devices.
    The theme logo-mobile.png file is sized to:
    • Width = 250 pixels
    • Height = 48 pixels

It is possible to use logo images that are larger than those dimensions. However to do so you will likely need to adjust your /fernando/style.css style sheet to accommodate your logo images.With your FTP software, or your web host’s cPanel, upload your custom logo image file to the the image directory in your theme. In most server environments that location will be here:   

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