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Fernando – Home Page – Form Boxes

Our home page form boxes are using a plugin called  Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is a premium plugin and the developer of this plugin does not allow us to provide a developer license. If you would like to use this form plugin, you will have to purchase a license. 

If you would prefer to go another route, there are many free contact form plugins available for WordPress. Just visit WordPress.org to find one that meets your needs. 

If you do opt to use Gravity Forms for the subscribe feature:

  • Set up your Gravity Forms using the instructions found elsewhere in this theme. We’ve already covered it twice, so no need to repeat ourselves a third time.
  • Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  • Drag a Text widget over to the Home Content sidebar
  • Input the following code into the box and replace our form numbers with your own
  • Remove out the extra spaces after the opening [ bracket in each shortcode
  • Save
[ gravityform id="4" name="Get the Latest Updates Subscribe to the Newsletter"]
[ gravityform id="5" name="Empower Yourself Request Course Information"]

To display the smaller text in your Form Title, wrap the smaller text in in your Form Setting like this:

Empower Yourself Request Course Information
  • To display the light bulb icon add the class icon-light in the Form Settings CSS Class Name field.
  • To display the form icon add the class icon-contact in the Form Settings CSS Class Name field.
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