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Derrick – Footer – Widgets

The Derrick theme comes equipped with four widget areas. You may pick and choose what content you’d like displayed here. You do not need to follow what we have done in the demo.

Appearance -> Widgets

  • Locate the widget areas defined as Footer 1, Footer 2, Footer 3, and Footer 4
  • Drag any items you’d like over to these areas
  • Save widgets

In our demo we used:

  • Custom Menu
  • Custom Menu
  • Custom Menu
  • Web Savvy – Featured Posts

To set the Web Savvy – Featured Posts to match our demo:

  • Set Category to All Categories
  • Set Number of Posts to Show to 3
  • Set Order By to Date
  • Set Sort Order to Descending (3,2,1)
  • Check Show Featured Image
  • Set Image Size to Featured Thumbnail (45×45)
  • Check Show Post Title
  • Check Show Post Info and add the following to the white box: [ post_date format=”m.d.y” ] (remove out extra spaces inside of each bracket)
  • Set Content Type to No Content
  • Save
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