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Deborah – Home Page Content

Our home page content is widget based, which means you define it under Appearance -> Widgets. This is set up in such a manner so you have control on what you’d like to show in which areas of the home page. You do not need to use the same content we are using. You could replace widgets for text or anything else for that matter.

Please ensure you have your Settings –> Readings page configured so that your Front page displays is set to Your latest posts. If you have a static page set for your home page it will override the widgetized home.php file we include with Deborah and your home page widget areas will not show.

If you would like to mimic our demo:

  • Home CTA 1 – Use Web Savvy – CTA Widget
  • Home CTA 2 – Use Web Savvy – CTA Widget
  • Home CTA 3 – Use Web Savvy – CTA Widget
  • Home Middle 1 – Genesis – Featured Posts
  • Home Middle 2 – Events List (from the Modern Tribe event plugin)
  • Home Sidebar – Web Savvy – Button Widget, Web Savvy – Button Widget, Form

Note: There are details instructions for each in other areas of this instruction forum. Some of these are used in other sidebars, thus they are not all described in this post.

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