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Derrick – Footer – Menu

Our footer menu is using the standard WordPress menu system.

First start by defining your menu. You will do his at Appearance -> Menus

  • Select create a new menu
  • Add text to the Menu Name to define your menu label
  • Drag any items on the left hand column (i.e. pages or posts and such) to the menu on the right
  • Save Menu

In the same screen, click on Manage Locations tab

  • In the drop down box next to Footer Navigation Menu, select your menu
  • Save Changes

To remove the horizontal line (pipe) after the last menu item add the css class last to that menu item. If you do not see a CSS Classes (optional) field when editing your menu items then you will need to enable that field via the Screen Options link in the extreme upper right of the Appearance –> Menus admin screen. In your Screen Options make sure the CSS Classes check box is selected.

Then edit your link and paste last in the CSS Classes field for your last menu item.

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