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Timothy – Footer – Social Icons and Contact Information

The footer content is defined as widgets. In our demo we display social icons and contact information in the far right. This is optional and you can really input anything in this area. Should you like to mimic the demo, simply do the following steps.

Go to Appearance -> Widgets

For the social icons:

  • Drag Web Savvy – Social Widgets over to Footer Info
  • Input your destination URL into each social media box
  • If you don’t want to use a given icon, simply leave the box empty
  • Save

For the contact information:

  • Drag the Text widget over to Footer Info and place below the above social icons widget
  • Add the below code and replace our text with that of your own
  • Save
<strong>555 Sunset Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85028
(602) 404-9500</strong>
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