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James – Home Featured 1 – Calls to Action

Thee  Home Call to Actions section below the Soliloquy slider area of the home page is configured in the Appearance –> Widgets settings. Once there drag Web Savvy – CTA Widgets from the left side to the Home Featured 1 widget area on the right side. You can use as many or as few CTA widgets as you like. Our theme demo uses 4 widgets here.

There is a fair amount of flexibility in how you configure your icons, so please be sure to read the  Web Savvy – CTA Widget instruction for info about the various icon options. Here are the settings for our theme demo widget:

First Widget
Title: (blank)
CTA Title: Who We Are
Custom Text: Meet our team and see what sets us apart from other management consulting firms.
Link URL: https://demo.9seeds.com/james/who-we-are/
Link Target: _self
Icon: <i class="material-icons">fingerprint</i>
Alt Icon: (blank)

Second Widget
Title: (blank)
CTA Title: What We Do
Custom Text: Our consulting services are focused on helping you grow sales and increase profitability.
Link URL: https://demo.9seeds.com/james/what-we-do/
Link Target: _self
Icon: <i class="material-icons">work</i>
Alt Icon: (blank)

Third Widget
Title: (blank)
CTA Title: Success Stories
Custom Text: Our success stories provide real-world, tangible examples of project ROI and payback.
Link URL: https://demo.9seeds.com/james/success-stories/
Link Target: _self
Icon: <i class="material-icons">insert_chart</i>
Alt Icon: (blank)

Fourth Widget
Title: (blank)
CTA Title: Testimonials
Custom Text: Our client testimonials will show how we can make an impact in your business.
Link URL: https://demo.9seeds.com/james/testimonials/
Link Target: _self
Icon: <i class="material-icons">chat</i>
Alt Icon: (blank)

Please note you can also use the Web Savvy – CTA Widget in any of your sidebars in addition to the Home Call to Actions widget area

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