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James – Adding Testimonials

The James theme comes bundled with the James Testimonials plugin. We broke this functionality out to a plugin separate from the theme files so that you will not lose any testimonials you add to your site should you ever decide to use a different theme in the future.

The first time you activate James you should be prompted to install the Testimonials plugin. Please do so.

With the plugin active you will see a Testimonials menu item added to the left side WordPress Admin menu. You can add testimonials the same way you add pages or posts. Enter the person’s name in the top field where it says “Enter Title Here”. The main text of the testimonial goes in the content edit area. Below that you can add optional Company Info. If you add a Featured Image that will display on the left side of the testimonial like the portraits you see in our theme demo.

Pro Tip: You can use the Order field in the right side Attributes box to set the order for the testimonials to display in the Testimonials page template. They will show in ascending order with the lowest order number the top.

To display all of your testimonials on one page use the Testimonial page template.

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