Hunter - Importing Demo Widgets (optional)

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Hunter – Importing Demo Widgets (optional)

As a convenience to some customers we provide an export file for the widget settings. This is an entirely optional step. However if you wish to make your site look exactly like our theme demo, this can help.

First you will want to install and activate any of the Recommended Plugins you wish to use on your site. Attempting to import the widget data without the plugin for that widget will cause the data for that specific widget to fail to import.

Next you will need to install and activate the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin.

Then you will need to log into your My Account page here at 9seeds and download the file.

This file must be unzipped before you can import it via the plugin. Usually just double clicking on the file will make that happen.

  • Go to Tools –> Widget Importer & Exporter
  • Click the Choose File button and select your unzipped hunter-widgets.wie file. (Typically double clicking on the file name will automatically unzipped.)
  • Click the Import Widgets button

Some things to note:

  • Due to the way Soliloquy sliders get imported as part of importing the demo XML, the slider won’t be available for the widget to select. You’ll have to manually configure the slider and then choose it in the widget.
  • Additionally, you will have to manually select the “Available Hunts” menu in the “Navigation Menu” widget in the “Home Bottom 2” sidebar.

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