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  • Client Spotlight: Joe the Biker

    One of the great things about this line of work is getting the chance to meet folks outside of the realm of tech who do a range of neat things. Joe the Biker is one of those people.

    It’s probably not anything you’d expect from a big, bad biker. In fact, Joe the Biker – aka Joe Wojcik – is a really nice guy on a mission as a motivational speaker and advocate for kids who are victims of bullying. The passion behind his work stems from his personal struggles being bullied in his childhood, and dealing with the effects of that experience well into his adult years. Joe’s triumph over those challenges is a valuable lesson that he continuously shares to empower kids and their families, and his online presence serves as an important tool that connects him to the community and those he aims to help.

    Unfortunately, keeping his old website current had become an increasingly frustrating task for Joe. He had gone through several iterations of his site and was getting tired of dealing with a webmaster to have updates done. A personal friend of his was kind enough to recommend 9seeds to help Joe find a solution for his website woes.

    Joe wanted to be able to modify content on his own, and his old site just wouldn’t let him do that. He was willing to give WordPress a shot. Since he was generally happy with the look and feel of the old site, we customized a Genesis Child theme to match his existing design. We then moved all of his content over and made some adjustments to his liking. Since Joe was new to WordPress, we set him up with a bit of training and provided him with a number of key instructional videos that he could reference at any time.

    Managing the new Joe the Biker WordPress site has restored Joe’s sense of flexibility, and he’s expressed how happy he is with the end result. Joe recently wrote, “For the first time in four years I feel a sense of freedom knowing that as my project unfolds I can readily update my site…”

    We’re pretty proud to have played a part in enabling Joe to continue spreading his message and make a difference for those who can benefit from his movement. Kudos, Joe!

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